Job Breakthroughs

Startup vs. Larger Company:
Working for a smaller company is that you get to make more of an impact: Working in a larger corporation might have more benefits or a higher salary but a startup is where you can really make a difference and see the influence your work is having on the business. You’re heavily involved in each stage of production and your opinion is more likely to carry weight than at a larger, more structured operation. Decentralization of big companies would be done through tokenization. The shares will be done through ICOs.
Jobs in IT:
In artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, data security, virtual reality and augmented reality: big data engineer, full-stack developer, security engineer, IoT architect and VR/AR engineer. The skills needed to succeed in the IT jobs of tomorrow revolve around security certifications, programming and applications development, proficiency with cloud and mobile technologies, and other specialized skill sets giving also way to the hybrid IT roles that bind the business to IT.
Data Scientists: it is essential for data scientists to work with languages like R, Python, SAS, Hadoop, Netezza in which they apply their knowledge in statistics, mathematics (algebra), matices (multivariable) calculus. And to have a knowledge in platforms like MapReduce, GridGain, HPCC, Storm, Hive, Pig, Amazon S3.

The user as valuable “in the network” resource. Their actions should be monetized and generate income. We are producing valuable data even now by only navigating on FB, Google and other social networks which the system themselves uses it to become better (the long therm plan is building the future AI systems together). The “Internaut” will be one of the nicest job of the future.


The future of work with DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and IoP (Internet of People). The DAO may be the work organisation of the future. There will be no hierarchical system within, you are given votes for the work you perform in the interest of the organisation or better said, to the community. The organisations flow will be managed by Blockchain, smart contracts, and may get rewarded for work through Dash. Dash is a secure, blockchain-based global financial network which offers private transactions.