Essential Works 77


Offering support in finding IT solutions for small and big, digitalization even web design as well as voluntary based support (eg. “Livrari Alimente In Sibiu” in times of pandemic crisis, hackatrons, LinkedIn mentoring, HowTos).

Offering “Start to build” consultancy

  • As Webdeveloper
    • The key technologies
    • The key programming languages/technologies
    • The key mindset
  • As DevOps
    • The key mindset
    • The key technologies
    • The key cross platform technologies
  • As “multinational corporation” programmer
    • The keywords/programming generalities/electronics
    • The low level programming
    • The key testing tools/techniques

Offering “Getting ready for the future” base consultancy

Heading New Future
  • For developers
    • The key technologies
    • The key programming languages
    • The key mindset
  • For entrepreneur/manager
    • The key strategies
    • The key networks
    • The key investments and founds models

Offering the “Begin with Cryptos” consultancy

  • For virtual assets holder
    • Start wallet pack
    • Start mining pack
    • Start blockchain programming pack

Offering the “Begin with AI” consultancy

Human Brain / AI
Human Brain / AI
  • For Managers
    • Strategy “fast start” for your big data
    • Helping the community
  • For Programmers
    • The theoretical notions and history pack
    • The starting with AI programming pack