Our history/portfolio:

Today & Tomorrow: E-Works77 Digitalization consultant DevOps, IoT, AI, Cloud, PDM, Blockchain & Web Development.


Production Line / Shopfloor Environment
Ownership Mindset
Bank & BI Programs
PDM/PTC Windchill, CATIA, SolidWorks
PLM/ProjectLink, TeamCenter
Linux & Network management
Oracle, Clusters


J2EE OC4j: Direct Online Booking Bosch.
PM: redmine, linux
CMS, Webdesign, JS with Joomla!
ASM, C, C++, Pascal, CShell, Java, UML, RUP
MedInf – Paper (Co-Authored, B. Barbat & Colleagues)
StopSmoking – AI Assistant to help one quit smoking – NLP-MSAgent-Captology
Developing Credible Agents for Captology – Paper (B. Barbat & Co.)
Captology Agents – Conversational UI – NLP-MSAgent

Pre-history, how the fun began:

ID3v1Editor – Edit mass mp3 ID3 information (2001)
consFTP – scheduled file transfer (2000)
fileLauncher – scheduled command launcher – MSAgent (2000)
Find&GenDoc – File search utility (2000)
IconE – Icon Extractor (1999-2000)
SoundX – real audio player (1999)
HCDBrowser – Harmony Works (Browser (Netscape like) of images and indexer of apps for CDs (1998-1999)
SunOS Solaris was the greatest
HWInfo – Hardware Info for PC (DOS + Win32 Version)
Intel Home Computer – C / Pascal / Assembly
Real Estate Tool – FoxPro2.5 (1997)
DOS 5/6.x / Win3.1 / Win95 / SCO UNIX – School PCs
HC 90 – Z80 Home Computer – Basic Programming Language (1995-1996)