Predictive Maintenance

Since new sensors and IoT devices can be integrated in production processes and operations, the availability of data increases drastically. AI-based algorithms are capable of recognizing errors and differentiating the noise from the important information to predict breakdowns and guide future decisions.
“Predictive maintenance strategies are based on the combination of traditional condition monitoring enhanced with analytics algorithms, thus enabling the prediction of machine failures before they occur.”

Online Development Environments

Part of the Industry 4.0 the software developing tools are advancing in online, containerization, collaboration environments and providing for the Cloud., combined with OpenShift Online, provides an integrated approach to DevOps, including all the tools a team needs to analyze, plan, create and deploy services. Optimized for creating cloud-native, container-based applications. also has new features that provide a one-click Linux container environment for developers and a machine learning system that helps developers make better decisions. is Open Source. It incorporates many projects including fabric8, Eclipse Che, OpenJDK, Performance Code Pilot, WildFly Swarm, Eclipse Vert.x, Spring Boot and OpenShift.

Remix is an IDE for the smart contract programming language Solidity and has an integrated debugger and testing environment. An up to date online version is accessible at