Essential Works 77


Offering “Start to build” base courses

  • As Webdeveloper
    • The key technologies
    • The key programming languages/technologies
    • The key mindset
  • As DevOps
    • The key mindset
    • The key technologies
    • The key cross platform technologies
  • As “multinational corporation” programmer
    • The keywords/programming generalities/electronics
    • The low level programming
    • The key testing tools/techniques

Offering “Getting ready for the future” base courses

Heading New Future
  • For developers
    • The key technologies
    • The key programming languages
    • The key mindset
  • For entrepreneur/manager
    • The key strategies
    • The key networks
    • The key investments and founds models

Offering the “Begin with Cryptos” starting packs

  • For virtual assets holder
    • Start wallet pack
    • Start mining pack
    • Start blockchain programming pack

Offering the “Begin with AI” starting packs

Human Brain / AI
Human Brain / AI
  • For Managers
    • Strategy “fast start” for your big data
    • Helping the community
  • For Programmers
    • The theoretical notions and history pack
    • The starting with AI programming pack